Often you already have an idea of how your home, living space or office should look like. The style, decoration, furniture, ... We are happy to inspire you with some of our realizations so you get a good impression of our expertise. Take a look at our photo gallery.


Designed by interiorarchitect Anja Veroeye

Abc Projects

With every realization, we first consider your wishes and needs. This takes into account technicality and aesthetics in order to achieve the best end result. We ask ourselves several questions before we work out a design. Does the room have a lot of light? Is it for working in or relaxing in? What atmosphere should the space radiate? What is the personality of the customer? Based on different criteria, our team creates a suitable story that is written around the customer.

Abc Projects

Styling an interior is about so much more than choosing colors and furniture. The materials, textures and lighting also have a major impact on the space. Taking into account your personal taste, we work out a tailor-made proposal in which all aspects are incorporated.

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